MAB – Museum Archives and Libraries

The eighteenth century through the works of the Museum, the Archives and the Diocesan Library of Santa Severina

In 2019, the Diocesan Cultural Center of Santa Severina obtained funding from the CEI for the creation of an exhibition entitled “The eighteenth century through the works of the Diocesan Museum, Archives and Library of Santa Severina”.
The aim of the exhibition was to enhance the Diocesan Museum, the Diocesan Historical Archive and the Diocesan Historical Library that form the Diocesan Cultural Center of Santa Severina which represents a unique experience in the Calabrian territory.
The exhibition itinerary included an evocative journey among the eighteenth-century treasures of the Diocesan Cultural Center, from the precious artifacts of the silver and goldsmith art, to the sculptures and paintings from prestigious workshops and arrived in Santa Severina thanks to the patronage of the bishops, to the precious sacred vestments, of exquisite workmanship.

The paper treasures kept inside the library were also exhibited, in particular the eighteenth century and engravings and some archival finds of particular value
The exhibition was inaugurated on October 29, 2020, was suspended due to the COVID emergency and closed on December 9, 2020.

Treasures of Art and Parchment – La Metropoli.

In 2018, the Diocesan Cultural Center participated in the Integrated Project “Treasures of Art and Parchment – The Metropolia of Santa Severina”, funded by the CEI.
The project was aimed at creating innovative initiatives aimed at improving the visit experience within the Diocesan Museum Complex; the goal was to make known the art objects and documents preserved in the Diocesan Museum, the Archbishopric Archive and the Library of the Diocesan Museum of Santa Severina in order to enhance the cultural heritage of the Metropolia, unique in its kind as it represents its historical memory.