I Tesori delle Cattedrali

A journey to discover the Dioceses of Crotone and Santa Severina

i tesori delle cattedrali

Calabria is a region full of treasures, some of which are known in the world, others are unknown, but are very important for the knowledge of territories and communities specifities.
Many of these treasures are kept in places of worship which are repositories of rare testimonies in which references and influences of different eras and cultures meet.

In the cathedrals of the area of Crotone, the history of places and peoples echoes powerfully in the diocesan seats Crotone and Santa Severina, but also in the ancient suffragan dioceses of Belcastro, Isola Capo Rizzuto, Umbriatico, Cerenzia, Strongoli. 

of Crotone and Santa Severina

the project

“I Tesori delle Cattedrali” is an evocative journey to discover artifacts that tell stories that unfold through centuries, chronicles of peoples in search of their own identity, of patron bishops who have defied dark periods of wars, earthquakes and famines, fighting for keeping the cathedrals alive, enriching them with objects of ten with a troubled history in order to gather the community.

the exhibition

Visiting the exhibition it will be possible to admire precious sacred vestments, products of the gold art and silverware with fine engravings, paintings, statues, long-hidden liturgical objects, along an evocative and surprising path rich in content.

The exhibition will also be set up in virtual mode: images, words, sounds and games, usable from a touch screen totem, in order to accentuate the emotional involvement and interest subjects of school age, also offering the possibility of exploration even to users with sensory disability, through audio and video storytelling.

The excursus into the history and culture expressed by the cathedrals and their treasures becomes, therefore, a starting point for exploring the peculiarities of this area and its people and the profound changes that have occurred over the centuries.

I tesori delle cattedrali
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